Kim Komando vs. Leo Laporte

Kim Komando vs. Leo Laporte

One is a highly respected, hard-working, knowledgeable, dignified tech journalist.
The other is a tech faker, a joke in his own industry, a compulsive liar, a sickening racist, and a notorious womanizing sexual predator.

Kim Komando
Kim Komando: "Tech advice you can trust"™
Leo Laporte
Leo Laporte: Tech "advice" you definitely can't.
"Yeah, I don't trust HER one inch! God no, she's horrible!"
- Leo Laporte's public remarks about Kim Komando.

Disgraced, minor 1990's cable-TV co-host, Leo Laporte, is a pot-bellied sickening hypocrite, a shameless compulsive liar, a morally bankrupt manipulator of everyone around him, a complete tech faker, and an all-round poisonous piece of excrement. A know-nothing fraudster, he has been fired from every job he's ever had, most famously as a co-presenter on the now defunct Tech.TV.

After being sacked by Tech.TV, Laporte then set up his own business,, and immediately began exploiting others into doing all of the work. The whole sleazy operation, which immediately became mired by sex-scandals, Laporte's childish on-air tantrums, and gratuitous offensive content, was funded through a shameful advertising scam involving compulsive liar Leo Laporte lying for cash by peddling crappy over-priced junk products that he falsely claimed to "use all the time."

Leo Laporte was then caught cheating on his wife and kids with the resident office tramp/bookkeeper and, hardly surprisingly, had to duly watch as half of his company's value was handed over to his now ex-wife in the ensuing divorce settlement. Leo Laporte is, and always has been, truly one of life's born losers.

"That's the reason I don't generally recommend Kim Komando because she's not gonna be doing the research!"
- Leo Laporte's public remarks about Kim Komando.

Leo Laporte's own radio show, laughably self-styled as "Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy" has long since degenerated into a horrific abomination and a car-wreck of a show. Six hours every weekend of perfectly good broadcast radio airtime, wasted on nothing more than woefully hollow "Let Me Google That For You" content interspersed with narcissistic self-centered braggart Laporte's never-ending gloating as he desperately tries to shore up his failing brand image.

This completely faked "Tech Guy" sham persona has been carefully crafted over a period of many decades. You can still catch Leo Laporte reminding viewers about his Tech.TV career, as well as lamenting about the books he used to write, and how he delighted in manipulating ghost-writers to get them to write the actual content for him.

"Chances are, HER article came from one of these articles!"
- Leo Laporte's public remarks about the online content that Kim Komando publishes.

Already constantly showing nothing but utter contempt for his own audience members for years, Leo Laporte is also a notoriously childish man-baby who single-handedly maintains petty grudges with his contemporaries, often for decades. There are many examples of this, and one particular incident begins way back in 1995 when Gina Smith and Leo Laporte wrote the book "101 Computer Answers You Need To Know." You will, of course, no doubt be able to guess who will have done most of the work on THAT little project.

101 Computer Answers You Need To Know
1001 Komputer Answers From Kim Komando.

At the same time, Kim Komando also released a book and needless to say actually did some proper work compiling its contents. The result was "1001 Komputer Answers From Kim Komando." Guess which one sold more when these two books were seen side by side on sale at your local bookstore! Remember bookstores?!? (Coincidentally, this all actually happened at the exact same time that Amazon began selling books online, that's how long ago this was.)

In fact, you would think by now that this would all be ancient history and long since forgotten. Nope, not when you're Leo Laporte, that's for sure. His book flopped, as did every one of the books that he claims to have written, but Laporte, forever the vindictive, petty-minded, jealous man-baby, has ever since then maintained a sickening, childish grudge against Kim Komando, and this has gone on now for NEARLY THIRTY YEARS.

"Yeah, she has staff that does that but, almost certainly, they just combined a bunch of stuff from other people!"
- Leo Laporte's public remarks about the online content that Kim Komando publishes.

Leo Laporte continues to publicly slander Kim Komando EVERY TIME a suitable opportunity presents itself, questioning her work ethic, her technical knowledge, and then has the outright nerve to openly accuse her of plagiarism. There is no wonder that Leo Laporte's dignity has gone down the very same toilet as his career. Just how hypocritical can you get?!?

This is somebody who lazily falls out of bed, constantly arrives late for work, blatantly reads the online articles of other authors and presents their content as his own knowledge, relies on other lesser-paid "co-hosts" to provide any actual genuine content, can't take part in any show without having a sycophantic chatroom feeding him ideas and witty remarks live on air, promptly begins grotesquely stuffing his face with ridiculous amounts of food as soon as he does start broadcasting, harasses and abuses his employees, and then quickly leaves to return to his depraved sexual antics with his resident live-in gold-digger.

By way of an update, Kim Komando has continued to author an entire library's worth of carefully researched and well-received books every year since, right up to the present day. She has won the CASB "Spirit of the Enterprise" award, received the "Gracie Individual Achievement Award for Outstanding Program Host," and she was proudly inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 2021. She attributes her success to "hard work and perseverance" - qualities that Leo Laporte has nary even a residue of himself.

Conversely, Leo Laporte on the other hand, hasn't quite managed to achieve the same level of success. Rather, he preferred to spend the same period of time accidentally exposing his dick pics live on air, as well as stooping SO low as to actually descend into becoming a trademark troll when he and his resident gold-digger tried to sue Twitter, a shameless money-grabbing attempt that was immediately laughed out of court. Oh, and the sleazy adulterer also cheated on his wife and kids of twenty years by banging his bookkeeper.

"We're also on MANY of the same radio stations!"
- Bare-faced compulsive liar, Leo Laporte, about Kim Komando.
In actual fact, "The Kim Komando Show" is aired by over FOUR HUNDRED AND TWENTY radio stations, whereas the laughable "Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy" has been abandoned by all of its already paltry collection of advertisers and is now getting systematically dropped by radio stations right across the country with less than ONE HUNDRED stations remaining.

Leo Laporte is a notorious shameless exploiter of gullible people. Those foolish enough to work for the petty, vindictive, vulgar, lazy, morbidly obese, diabetic glutton immediately find themselves slapped with permanent non-disclosure and lifetime non-disparagement clauses weasled into the small-print of their contracts. All others are expected to work pro-gratis and completely for free.

One such group is the never-ending parade of industry shills and desperate unemployed journalists that join the tech faker every week for their own fifteen-minute segments on the radio show. In fact, they all do far more preparation for each show than Leo Laporte ever does, and they all appear week after week after week without being paid a single cent. Shockingly, most are perfectly well aware that Leo Laporte - the Harvey Weinstein of tech - is a disgraced womanizing pervert who has been accused of sexual harassment by countless female colleagues over the years, but are still more than happy to turn a blind eye and look the other way just so long as they selfishly get their few minutes of publicity, such as it is, every week.

The crimes of Leo Laporte exposed by those unfortunate enough to have worked with him.

One such unemployed journalist is the ever-jolly but bungling buffoon Scott Wilkinson. Although highly-knowledgeable on the subject of home theater and audio/video setups, and always very polite and genial with his viewers, it is with breath-taking levels of naivety that Wilkinson consistently appears to have no inclination whatsoever about just what a poisonous evil piece of shit Leo Laporte is. Every week he panders to Laporte's grotesquely massive ego, as do all of the guest shills, while constantly failing to pick up on Leo Laporte's self-centered narcissistic personality disorder, his rudeness, his petty jealousy and his outright irritation whenever a guest tries to promote their own work instead of constantly pontificating and waxing lyrical about Laporte's own failing brand.

"I don't have anything against her, it's more the QUALITY of the content!"
- Bare-faced compulsive liar, Leo Laporte, about Kim Komando.

Watch the video below to see what happened on the morning of Saturday, April 9, 2022. The subject of Wilkinson's slot for that week was finding televisions that don't spy on you and collect information about your viewing habits. Scott's own research into the problem included the discovery of what he enthusiastically describes as a "great and interesting article" on the subject, and he is very careful to make sure that the appropriate due credit is given to the original author.

Then, this happened...

CAUTION: Leo Laporte is a bitter, vindictive, jealous, bare-faced compulsive liar.
Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised when listening to the vitriol, bile and venom being spouted in the following video:

Morbidly obese, diabetic glutton, Leo Laporte - a petty, jealous man-baby, with a 30-year-old grudge - flushing his own dignity right down the toilet...

There you have it. That is the content that iHeartRadio broadcasted coast-to-coast on April 9, 2022. Disgraced, perverted sexual predator, and crooked con-man, Leo Laporte, also continues to make this same unprofessional, vindictive content available himself for download on his own website.

A one-off grotesque lapse of professional judgement, you say? Guess again. Leo Laporte has been publicly lying about Kim Komando for nearly thirty years.

Here is another sickening example from 2015 in which compulsive liar, Leo Laporte, once again falsely accuses Kim Komando's entire team. Not a two-faced groundless accusation of plagiarism this time, but rather a petty, spiteful accusation of "sabotage." Ironically, the ONLY thing that has ever sabotaged Leo Laporte's career, is himself.

CAUTION: Leo Laporte is a bitter, vindictive, jealous, bare-faced compulsive liar.
Viewer discretion is STRONGLY advised when listening to the vitriol, bile and venom being spouted in the following video:

Morbidly obese, diabetic glutton, Leo Laporte - a petty, jealous man-baby, with a 30-year-old grudge - flushing his own dignity right down the toilet...
"I didn't realize that she had THAT reputation!"
- Scott Wilkinson's public remarks about Kim Komando (after being duped by bare-faced compulsive liar, Leo Laporte.)

Yeah, err, Scott? She doesn't.

Kim Komando: Pure class!